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Websites to Visit

My Chains are Gone – freedom from pornography addiction and instruction on the Renewed View of the Body

The Biblical Naturist – scholarly, detailed, and compelling information on Biblical Naturism by Conviction

Aching for Eden – a couple’s journey into freedom through Christian Naturism

Books Worth Reading

ReNude Life by Jason Stern
(book version of this website, with study questions)

Meeting at the River by David Hatton
(fiction, suitable for all ages)

Chain Breakers by R.B. Mears
(fiction, suitable for ages 10+ to adults)

Surprised into Freedom by Philip Oak
(biography, non-fiction)

Muse by David Hatton
(fiction, suitable for older teens/college ages and adults)

Christian Body: Modesty and the Bible by Aaron Frost

Nudity & Christianity by Jim Cunningham

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